DA Voices – How do you feel about optional indoor masking?

Briza Villa, Staff Writer

“DA Voices” is a recurring feature used to spotlight De Anza College’s diverse community voices. We ask the same question to different people and arrange their quotes so that readers can see varying points of view. This week, our reporter Briza Villa asked, “How do you feel about optional indoor masking?”

Quotes have been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

The Foothill-De Anza District changed its mask mandate on Sept. 23, to allow optional indoor masking on campuses. Students and staff of De Anza talk about how they feel in response to the recent change in policy for masking. 

Jiyoo Dojuin, 22, computer information systems major (Briza Villa)

Jiyoo Dojuin is a first-year international student at De Anza. To Dojuin, the pandemic isn’t over just yet. 

“Back home, we just had another surge of cases,” said Dojuin. “I won’t to take any risks. I will continue to wear my mask, especially in a room full of people.”

Tiffany Lee, 19, nursing major (Photo provided by Tiffany Lee)

Tiffany Lee, 19, nursing major, thinks the district’s new changes are reasonable as the pandemic seems to have settled and COVID-19 cases have dropped. 

“I don’t believe it’s a big deal outdoors,” Lee said. “And I’m okay with the decision that it should probably still be optional for indoor classes. You never really know about other people’s symptoms.” 

Jeannette Garcia, De Anza Staff Member (Photo provided by Jeannette Garcia)

Jeannette Garcia, staff of De Anza’s mailroom, is vaccinated and says she hasn’t been wearing masks as often now that the requirements have changed. 

“It seems like the community is gradually becoming a safe place,” Garcia said. “I’m hoping that soon we can all go back to live life the way it was before the pandemic. It is everyone’s job to continue to be safe and aware of others.”

Savannah Harris, 22, graphic design major (Photo provided by Savannah Harris)

Savannah Harris, 22, graphic design major, said that whether a person should wear a mask or not is all up to their own preference. However for Harris, she will remain masked.

“From a person who has autoimmune disease, I try to wear a mask just to keep myself safe,” Harris said. 

Antara Goel, 19, psychology major (Briza Villa)

Psychology major, Antara Goel, says that now that she is vaccinated, she doesn’t mind having her mask off in class so long as professors don’t require it. 

“I don’t mind having it off,” Goel says. “Although, I know some professors still require it, while others don’t.”