The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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The voice of De Anza since 1967.

La Voz News

The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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Attention Students: Be Counted in the 2020 Census!

Paul Feist and Paige Marlatt Dorr | March 18, 2020

Your response impacts funding for student financial aid, healthcare, housing, transportation and other important services. California community college students have a chance to make real change in...

Light reading: Food Labels for snacks

Mary Sullivan, Guest Columnist | May 1, 2018

Nutritional labels are your window into what you’re eating. It lists serving size, calories and nutrient information. Consider snack food for mid-morning or afternoon munchies, which should be between...

Wellness is a balancing act of health and expectations

Mary Sullivan, Guest Columnist | April 23, 2018

In the rush of the first week of Spring quarter, let’s look at the balancing act of health and happiness encompassing wellness. Basic needs are available to students such as food, clothing, shelter....

Light up legally | Stoner Corner

Stoner Corner, Columnists | April 22, 2018

Glad tidings, and welcome to the first edition of the La Voz News Stoner Corner. This column will focus mainly on marijuana’s medical and recreational uses, while illuminating the laws and practices...

Field of broken dreams: De Anza College baseball team seeks answers

Field of broken dreams: De Anza College baseball team seeks answers

Friday, Feb. 23 was supposed to be the dawn of a new day for De Anza College’s baseball program. Instead, fallout from the day’s events has left the team without a home field, fighting for answers from both administration and athletics personnel.
Lost and Found in Oinofyta

Lost and Found in Oinofyta

Elias Kamal, Guest Contributor | October 13, 2017

“You look Afghan. Are you Afghan?” This first interaction at the refugee camp was with a small boy of about six years old, with tousled hair and bruises on his face. He steered his bike in curious...

Culture Shock Therapy: “Oh my god, I’m like, so sorry, I totally almost killed you”

Ryan Brusuelas | August 2, 2010

If you have entered one of the parking lots at De Anza and come out alive then consider yourself lucky.So, I finish my math class the other day and come to a stop sign in Parking Lot A. As I consider...

Culture Shock Therapy: “What shall we do with a time machine? Steal, of course”

Ryan Brusuelas | August 2, 2010

When I approached a group of 5-year-olds at a family reunion, I decided to ask them what adventures they would partake in if they possessed a time machine.I expected an answer of imaginative and elaborate...

Ask Doctor Stupid

Josh Davis | June 10, 2010

Sexually obsessed and sexually repressed. Sex is this thing that everyone's having but no one's supposed to. You're judged if you're having sex and you're judged for not having sex. If you are having sex...

Reality 101

Coree J. Hogan | June 10, 2010

Out of all four seasons, the one that I detest most is summer, which is currently approaching us, much to my dismay and frustration. Summer brings a massive collection of elements that makes me want to...

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