Filipino Solidarity Week introduce new perspective


Anthony Lucido

Students watch presentation on the Malayan Movement.

Anthony Lucido, Staff Reporter

De Anza celebrates Philippine Solidarity Week and teaches students about Filipino history.

Guest speakers from Bayan U.S.A. and the Malaya Movement came to speak about the ongoing movements from the Filipino people for genuine independence and national liberation on Feb. 11 and Feb. 12.

“Often times when you’re in high school, the Filipino-American War is only just one sentence,” said Jessica Antonio, a guest speaker from Bayan U.S.A.

Learning about Filipino history is important as it is also a part of U.S. history, but it is not talked about enough said Antonio.

Alejandro Tejeda, 18, sociology major, said learning about other people’s history and culture, and the things that they go through was important to give a voice to these communities and to spread awareness for them.

“I heard about these events from my teacher and I also wanted to come, because I always wanted to learn something new and juse discover more about other people’s cultures aside from my own,” said Tejeda.

Alongside teaching Filipino history, the teach-in events also allowed students a space to connect their own experiences. Seona Limon, 21, business major, shared her experiences in the Philippines with other students and the effects it had on her.

“With all the privileges that we have I think it’s enlightening for students to be able to have a different perspective with what is happening in the rest of the world. They can not only use it to privilege themselves and do better in their own lives, but to be able to assist other people who are having troubles elsewhere,” said Limon.

Antonio and other organizers hope that more students can take advantage to learn and get involved with the culture and community surrounding them.