Soak up the Spring sun by De Anza’s fabulous fountain


Joaquin De La Torre

De Anza students nap, talk, eat lunch, and meet up around the fountain located in front of A. Robert Dehart Library.

Joaquin De La Torre, Staff Reporter

A 19-year-old woman is laying out in the midday sun, with her hair in a top knot bun and her Apple air pods in, she is listening to an audiobook.

Across the way, two other women are having a conversation, their bodies are facing each other and their eyes are locked.

What do these three people all have in common?

They are all sitting around the fountain located directly in front of the A. Robert Dehart Library basking in the sunshine.

The fountain itself is nothing overly impressive.

It is just a standard fountain with a two-tier down flow of water, pool styled light blue tiles lining the bottom and potted plants on all four corners of the square block that surrounds it.

“It’s a very tranquil spot for students who are really stressed. The sounds of water can be meditative”, said Maraya Haliam, 19, biology major.

It is not uncommon when walking past the fountain to spot a student or two taking a nap near the water.

Gabriella Blilc, 19, business major, said “This is my second nap here. I enjoyed it. I usually come here if I have a giant gap in between classes.”

This specific fountain is not De Anza’s largest fountain by any means, the Sunken Garden is, yet, this fountain is a very recognizable meetup spot for De Anza students.

“This is the meeting spot”, said Irys Herrera, 22, biology major, “You tell people, you want to meet up? Let’s meet in front of the library, in front of the fountain.”

With the weather in the south bay starting to creep into the high 60s and low 70s, the fountain is the perfect spot to shake off that winter blues, soak up some vitamin D and work on that summertime tan.