Climate Reality Project to urge student awareness, activism

Saman Mashayekhi, Staff Reporter

The environmental studies department is working with the Santa Clara chapter of the Climate Reality Project to host a climate presentation for De Anza College students and faculty, urging them to take action against climate change.

William Roeder, the department chair of environmental studies and coordinator of the event, said he believes a presentation is overdue because of the fast rate at which humans are contributing to climate change.

Karen Nelson, chair of Climate Reality Project, said time is running out for people to act on climate change and improve the ongoing crisis.

“The world has 11 years or less to turn the climate crisis around, away from the tipping points where impact will start to cascade,” said Nelson.

Roeder attended a Climate Reality Project seminar in Washington in 2017, which inspired him to begin teaching his classes about the effects of climate change.

The Santa Clara chapter of the Climate Reality Project reached out to Roeder to put together this presentation.

Speakers will talk about the science behind climate change and its impact on a larger scale, as well as how each individual can help impact the effects of climate change.

“This is the most important part because people can reflect upon themselves and see what they can do personally,” said Roeder.

Climate Reality Project also has an on campus chapter that students can join to aid in the movement of finding climate change defense solutions. This chapter will be introduced during the presentation to educate students about available options and ways that they can help.

“College students have the awareness, focus and energy to become a critically important part of the climate change defense solution,” he said.

“Partnering with environmental department programs offers an immediate opportunity to develop high energy information exchange.”