Vietnamese Student Association portrays tradition, culture in De Anza show


Don Le

De Anza College VSA club members performers at their 2019 cultural show on May 12.

Don Le, Staff Reporter

De Anza College’s Vietnamese Student Association 2019 Culture Show celebrated Vietnamese culture and tradition with the members of the club acting, singing and dancing on May 12 in the Visual and Performing Arts Center.

The main plot for the show was about a Vietnamese-American girl, who can’t speak her native language, traveling to Vietnam to find her parents.

The show featured beautiful songs performed by VSA members.

Gia Thuy and An Khuong opened the show with the song “Hello Vietnam” with female dancers wearing red ao dais, a dress identified as Vietnam’s national garment, performing in the background.

Over the course of the 90-minute show, there were songs about cafe sua da (Vietnamese iced coffee), the city of Saigon and the main character’s mother.  

Jayce Nguyen, 23, business major, said the show was “wonderful” and the songs were his favorite part of the show.

“They put their heart in the performances,” said Nguyen.

The overall theme of the culture show was love and appreciation for one’s culture. The female protagonist of the show traveled to various cities in Vietnam talking to the locals.

After reconciling with her relatives, the story ends with the girl traveling back to America with a newfound respect for her Vietnamese heritage.

“The performances were spectacular,” said Jesus Pacheo, 22, computer science major.“It showed a lot of culture.”

Even though the overall tone was serious, there were comedic moments in the show.

Peter Huynh, 21, business major, said the acting by the VSA members was his favorite part and he thought the comedic skits were funny.

The culture show concluded with a fashion show that showcased various forms of traditional Vietnamese attire, including ao dais and áo gấms, men’s version of Vietnam’s national garment.