Salt & Straw’s “Ice SCREAM” series comes as a delightful addition to the Halloween season


Maida Suta

All five “Ice SCREAM” flavors from Salt & Straw.

Maida Suta, Reporter

With Halloween rapidly approaching, Salt & Straw has released their five flavor “Ice SCREAM” collection, each with an interesting, albeit, delicious ice cream taking inspiration from iconic Halloween flavors and imagery.

The vegan “Double Bubble Toil & Trouble” sets a high bar for others to cross, with a pineapple-banana ice cream and subtly sweet bubblegum pieces mixed in. Although the bubblegum was crumblier than expected, this ice cream has a smooth finish with a fun tropical flavor.

“Black Cat Licorice & Lavender” might not appeal to all, but it’s a wonderful treat. The salted lavender base melded easily with the anise caramel swirl, resulting in a cross between floral and lightly bitter.

This flavor was refreshing, but it definitely has a more muted flavor profile compared to others such as the “Double Bubble Toil & Trouble.”

“The Great Candycopia” has a butterscotch base with Heath bar, Kit Kat, Snickers, and Reese’s mix-ins. This is a delicious mix of classic Halloween candies with a delightful sweet ice cream. The ice cream was candy heavy, making it need to be chewed rather than savored.

The “Jack o’ Lantern Pumpkin Bread” is made with chunks of pumpkin bread, cream cheese frosting and a warm pumpkin spice ice cream. While pumpkin spice might be classic, the cream cheese frosting adds a distinctly tangy flavor while the pumpkin bread adds a spongy and soft texture.

“Don Buggito’s Creepy Crawly Critters” is arguably the most terrifying flavor on the list, matcha ice cream with chocolate crickets and toffee-brittle mealworms serving as mix-ins.

Surprisingly, the bugs primarily tasted of the candy they were coated in, and ultimately provided a nice textural contrast to the smooth matcha ice cream. This flavor is bright and earthy.

The “Ice SCREAM” Series Flight is a great way to try all five flavors at $14.25, with a single scoop being $5.75.

Salt & Straw’s “Ice SCREAM” series is an unusual and delicious treat this Halloween season. Make sure to try it out before the flavors disappear on November 1.