Easy DIY Halloween costumes for students

Nathalia Moran, Staff Reporter

For college students, Halloween falls just around midterm season.

For students who still want to dress up, but don’t have the time or the funds to buy a full costume, consider these DIY options. Most require a trip to Michael’s or Target, and some basic supplies.

Roy Lichtenstein Look: This costume can be fun enough to allow space for creativity. Anyone can look like a masterpiece.

  1. Lay foundation on the skin.
  2. With Halloween makeup, draw exaggerated black lines along contours the face, including cheekbones, jawline, eyebrows, Addams apple or neck and lips.
  3. Draw white dots everywhere else along the face and neck.
  4. Find a white button-up and tie or a colorful dress to match pop art’s vibrancy.

Pantone color swatch: All this costume requires is an outfit that’s monochromatic.

  1. Put together anything from the closet in the same color range.
  2. Cut a square in a rectangular piece of cardboard. Paint the borders white.
  3. Write “Pantone” and a made-up identification number on the bottom border. Example: “3782 C”
  4. Cut holes on opposite ends of the top border. Hang a loose string so that it hangs  around the neck.

Pirate: The classic last-minute costume can still be a fun DIY costume.

  1. Find a striped t-shirt and black bottoms: pants, shorts, or skirt.
  2. Buy red or black cloth from a fabric store or a Walmart to tear it into a belt, a sword accessory, eyepatch, or anything to help create the swashbuckling look.
  3. Or use other personalized accessories. Instead of classic pirate think funky glasses or shoes for a futuristic pirate or a funny pirate.
  4. Finally, line the eyes with black eyeliner and smudge it out.

Ron Swanson: Most of this costume can be put together in one trip to the local thrift store.

  1. Find or buy a red button-up, khaki or black pants, and belt.
  2. Buy a thick, brown, fake mustache.
  3. Slick back hair.
  4. Hold a coffee mug, say you don’t believe in the government and then giggle.

Tinder Profile: Swiping left on this costume might prove difficult.

  1. Cut out a red “X,” blue star and a green heart from construction paper.
  2. Add a banner for a name, age and short biography on a separate piece of paper.
  3. Make an orange headband with a cutout of the white Tinder flame facing forward.
  4. Most importantly, be authentic. Do not catfish.