Ways to help Black Lives Matter from home


Image from pxfuel.com

Roselle Lagmay, Reporter

As the COVID-19 pandemic is leaving people with unsure ways to help, here is a guide to provide ways to help the Black Lives Matter movement, virtually. 

1. Sign petitions 

There are a number of petitions circulating the Black Lives Matter movement. By signing your name, you can help demand justice and make a difference. The petition list “Say Their Names” has an updated list of petitions calling for justice for those who have experienced police brutality

You can also petition for changes to police policies about the use of force such as the use of rubber bullets and teargas to disperse protesters or call for defunding the police.

2. Donate 

If you are concerned about being arrested by joining a protest or contracting COVID-19, donating may be the next best thing.

The National Bail Fund Network is a directory that connects with donors to local bail funds that help people get out of jail. 

You can also donate directly to Black Lives Matter.

If unable to donate due to financial circumstances, stream this YouTube video by Zoe Amira. The hour-long video is with art and music from black creators with many ads that result in revenue. All of the ad revenue will be dispersed between Black Lives Matter organizations including bail funds. 

3. Register to vote

As the 2020 presidential elections are on its way, follow former President Obama’s call for this movement to be a turning point for real change by voting in this upcoming election in November.

Black Lives Matter’s hashtag “WhatMatters2020” is a campaign aimed to maximize the impact of the BLM movement by helping supporters and allies get to the polls. 

4. Raise awareness on social media

Showing support on social media can be an effective way for people to show support to their friends and followers even if you may not be able to attend a protest. Posting links to resources, fundraisers and protest flyers in your area can help spread awareness of the movement.