Looking for new music? Here are 3 underrated artists you need to check out

Maël Lorach, Staff Reporter

If you’re looking for new music to listen to, there are a couple of resources you can use. Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” playlist has some really excellent recommendations that are tailored to your tastes.

It is always worth looking at what your favorite artists are listening to, which can usually be found with a quick Google search.

In case either of those doesn’t have anything you like or are discovering genres you’ve never given a listen to before, here are some of my personal favorites.

“Trust” from “Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape”

“Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape” album cover

Me’Shell Ndeogeocello is a supernaturally talented bassist and singer/songwriter whose forte lies in the genre of neo-soul. If what you’re looking for is some serious grooves, then you are must give her a listen.

Advertent listeners will notice the technical detail behind this album’s rhythms and chords. That’s because, being neo-soul, Ndeogeocello’s music exists within the world of jazz, but don’t worry, this is no elevator music.

As a black bisexual woman, her music often explores themes of alienation and repression, with several of her albums such as “Plantation Lullabies” and “Peace Beyond Passion” containing some seriously heavy topics surrounding religion and racism.

“Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape” is a personal favorite of mine, with “Trust” being one of my all-time favorite songs. Check it out if you don’t mind the provocative lyrics.

“Casper” from “From Here to There”

“From Here to There” album cover

If you prefer indie and rock, I consider “Girls in Hawaii” to be an extremely underrated band that won’t disappoint.

Being atmospheric in nature, this kind of music is some of the more contemplative rock out there. 

“From Here to There” is one of those albums to listen to on a long drive somewhere, or while looking out the window of a plane.

“Big Truck Driver” from “Tarantula”

“Tarantula” album cover

If you’re tired of listening to trap or hip-hop whenever you meet up with your friends, then perhaps it’s time to wind the clock back. Mystikal is a rapper from New Orleans whose prime time was in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. His music, however, has aged like fine wine.

Mystikal is one of those rappers not only impresses with his lyrical delivery, but also in his instrumentals. Just listen to the bass guitar on “Big Truck Driver,” and notice the way Mystikal tailors the flow of his lyrics to sound almost like an instrument on its own.

His albums “Tarantula” and “Let’s Get Ready” are most definitely worthwhile listens if you’re a fan of 90’s hip hop.


Source of all album covers: https://www.discogs.com/