Vegan Veganos Mexican food truck offers twist to classic dishes

Joshua Aplaon, Staff Reporter

Vegan Veganos, a Mexican-inspired street food truck, is a mouthful and can instill fear. Vegan Mexican-inspired food? Most people would never think to try it.

But the pop up truck, based in San Jose, travels around the Bay Area and sells their food all while trying to spread the message of becoming vegan. With an ever-changing menu and a pseudo-exclusivity, Vegan Veganos is most definitely an interesting eatery of the Bay.

Owners and chefs Dalena and Manuel said their most popular and their personal favorite item is their tacos, a staple in their menu. Tag on some rice and beans, and a whole meal comes into being.

The tacos are full of those bold Mexican flavors and spices that don’t hold back. The small pop up restaurant stays true to their mission statement, as written on their website, of serving the Bay Area authentic and delicious Mexican cuisine based with vegetable alternatives.

Despite the delicious and authentic flavor, one downside is the constantly changing menu. Only a handful of the dishes listed on their website are offered at each pop up location.

While the prices for each freshly-made, vegan dish and any add-ons are quite reasonable, another downside would be the limited forms of payment: either cash or Venmo only.

And speaking of downsides, it’s almost a hassle to be constantly tracking down their locations through their Instagram or website. They are, after all, a small local business based in one truck and trailer.

Is it worth it in the end? There are a lot of places with great Mexican dishes and many are starting to offer vegan options. But if you’re seeking solely for vegan Mexican cuisine, Vegan Veganos is your place.