Apple’s new devices eyecatching, competitively price, but you can wait

Kathleen Quinn, Staff Reporter

The long-awaited Apple conference hosted at the Steve Jobs Theatre Sept.10, claimed a lot of new innovations, however they seemed much subtler than previous years. The biggest splash came with the reveal of two new subscription services and the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

The first of its two newly minted subscription services, Apple Arcade hopes to bring in the gaming community that often snubs apple products. The gaming service available for the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, Apple Arcade brings in classic arcade game companies such as Capcom and Konami to help bridge the divide.

For only $4.99 a month, it is certainly inexpensive, but with the amount of subscription services on the market none of its current titles are worth the asking price.

Riding on the wave of streaming services, Apple revealed Apple TV+ to compete with the likes of Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and Disney+.

It will be a waiting game to see if the shows it produces are worth purchasing yet another streaming service at $4.99 a month.

Speaking of products to buy, the iPhone 11 was revealed as a multi-lens and camera-friendly super machine. The focus of the new iPhone11 is its camera, which adds a second ‘Ultra-Wide’ lens.

The main knock against the previous iPhone’s camera has been its lackluster low-lighting capabilities. With the iPhone 11, Apple seeks to change that perception of its new Night Mode which brightens hard to see shots. .

Less costly than their previously released iPhone X, Apple’s new moneymaker costs $699.

If two lenses and a cheaper asking price does not sell you on the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro also manages to add yet another lens.

Though the iPhone 11 Pro, starting at $999, calls itself a phone, it is really a videographer’s device and intends to be seen that way bringing in new apps specifically designed for film editing.

As for the color scheme,the iPhone 11 Pro boasts a matte finish with professional silver, space grey rose gold and a new ‘midnight green’ which looks a bit like grey mixed with puce. While its counterpart comes in a colorful collection including purple, green yellow, black, and white.

Beyond the new subscription services and the new iPhone, the conference added the ‘always on’ watch face to the Apple watch Series 5 (starting at $399.00 for GPS only and $499.00 for GPS and cellular). As well as a new iPad which fixes some bugs by adding a new iPad operating system staring at $329.

Overall, the conference had no world-altering news unlike when they revealed thumbprint detection and facial recognition software. Apple deems their new products worthy of purchase, but not worth the long wait upon its store release.