Weigh pros and cons of all colleges before deciding

Weigh pros and cons of all colleges before deciding

Adam Del Rio, Staff Writer

Application deadlines for many public and private schools are rapidly approaching, and students need to consider the pros and cons of public and private universities before committing to a school.

Most applicants weigh out the costs of attending private or public college at sometime or another, but many end up spending tens-of-thousands more on attending pricey private universities for their bachelor’s degree.

Students forget to consider they will probably need to continue their education after receiving their bachelor’s.

Not to say that your bachelor’s degree does not matter after furthering your education, but where you got your master’s or doctorate degree from will be more important to job interviewers.

De Anza students have saved so much money by attending community college that some may want to spend more on a private college.

It may not be worth all the extra money if your bachelor’s ends up getting overlooked in the future in favor of a more advanced post- grad degree.

Outside the realm of finances, many other factors come into play when deciding to attend a public or private school, such as prestige.

There is a certain air of prestige that comes with attending a private school. It is a way of demonstrating that money does not prevent you from going where you want to go.

Another feature is culture.

Public univerities tend to have far more students in attendance than private universities.

Some students learn better in smaller, more intimate classroom settings, while other students learn better in 200-person lectures where they just show up and do the assigned work.

If you enjoy the latter of these two types of classes, then a public university would probably be best for you.

There tends to be more of a competitive atmosphere at public schools because it takes more effort for your voice to be heard.

Expressing your thoughts and questions is easier at a private school because they are not easily overlooked in a small school setting.

Another reason you may want to transfer to a private school is many private schools specialize in certain areas of study.

It is important that students remember to do their research to find which schools, whether private or public, are best for their intended majors.

If you end up having to choose between a public and private university, it is important that you do in-depth research and genuinely weigh out your options.

Do not be allured simply by the prestige of a private university, but do not completely write off a private school just because it seems too expensive for you.

Have faith that you will be able to quickly pay off that debt in the future.

It may not seem important, but remember that you may thrive in a public school or you may thrive in a private school.

If you are unsure if a school is too big or too small for you, base your decision on how you feel about the size of the De Anza student body, approximately 23,000.

There is no for-sure answer on whether private schools or public schools are better. Each De Anza student and each university is different, but if you do your research and take time to weigh your options, it will be easier to choose the right path.