College budget cuts impacting enrollment2 min read

Rachel Schemel

Due to the ongoing budget cuts that are affecting the educational institutions in California, many De Anza students had trouble enrolling into the needed classes, while at the same time, classes were being cancelled for the quarter.

The budget cuts have impacted the amount of classes that can be scheduled, the number of hours that faculty could work, and the funding clubs are allowed to receive. This is followed by a number of classes that have been cancelled due to lack of funds and student enrollment.

“It’s affecting me because there are fewer classes available and it’s harder for me to get a good schedule,” said Victoria Ortiz, a De Anza student.

“I’m so frustrated,” said student Stephe Mello. “It took me 30 minutes to find parking in order be in line for an hour, only to have the professor tell people who were waiting, ‘Tough luck, I can’t take any more students.'”

Instructors are also being impacted by the budget dilemma as they are struggling to add as many students to meet the quota or have their class cancelled. In other cases, they have to tell waitlisted students to start looking for another class.

“Students are being affected since there are fewer classes being offered. My classes are OK this [quarter], but last quarter I had to teach larger classes,” said John Maruoka, photography instructor.

However, the Foothill-De Anza district is just one of many higher learning institutions in the Bay Area that are feeling the pressure. Crowds and frustration are becoming the norm in California Community Colleges. When needed classes are not offered at state schools, students look for other schools that offer the class.

“I had the hardest time getting the four classes I needed because all the classes were waitlisted. I ended up going to West Valley,” said Bianca Richmond, a San Jose State University student.

“It’s pretty irritating,” said Marta Perez, a Cabrillo Community College student. “I can’t get into half the classes I need to transfer to UC San Diego next semester.”