Walking down the “dream market”: small businesses sell local wares in San Jose


Source: Bay Area Dream Market

Small businesses and food vendors displayed their creations in Downtown San Jose at the Bay Area Dream Market on June 5.

The market featured small businesses selling thrifted clothes, candles, jewelry and cosmetics, with several younger entrepreneurs.

Nevaeh Prado, 14, owner of Calliope Studios, sells accessories and decorations made from resin — an increasingly popular material for arts and crafts. Prado started her resin creations at the beginning of the pandemic as a hobby and slowly created a business out of it.

“I love seeing people react to what I made,” Prado said. “I think people are pretty impressed and they like it, so I’m proud of myself.”

Prado added that she has been to similar events like the Dream Market and loves the atmosphere of people supporting each other’s businesses and being able to share her hard work.

Prado’s resin coasters were especially colorful, with specks of gold and pressed flowers.

Catt’s Cosmetics is also eye-catching, through its pick packaging and unique product names. The business sells fake lashes, eyeliners and lip glosses.

The owners Cathy Duong, 25, and Chloe Bonifacio, 25, said they were first-timers at the dream market and excited to introduce their products and connect with potential customers.

“I’m pretty grateful,” Duong said. “A lot of people have passed by and looked at our stuff, so hopefully they (will) look me up on social media and the next time we collab with Bay Area Dream Market we will grow even more.”

Thrift businesses were also prevalent. These business-owners search for used clothes in thrift stores and sell them online and in person.

Alondra Garcia, 25-year-old owner of Gemini Thrift Fits, said she is new to the Bay Area Dream Market and excited to show off her collection.

“I’ve been actually really excited that my shop is doing really well,” Garcia said. “I’ve been collecting since February so I’ve accumulated quite a large amount of clothes.”

Garcia said she has been an avid thrifter since she was young and opportunities like the Dream Market have allowed her to turn her passion into a job.

I purchased a lilac Adidas short and tank set for $30 from Garcia and was pleased with the discounted price.

The next Bay Area Dream Market will be on June 17, and details can be found here.