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PS5 wins edge over Xbox Series X with exclusive games and sleek design

The PS5 has a slight edge over the Xbox Series X, with exclusive games and a sleek design.
January 10, 2021

The release of the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X has reignited the long time rivalry between fans of the gaming industry titans.  There’s a lot of debate on which console is better and which...

Esports are not breaking new ground, despite the hype

Gamer playing
May 9, 2020

It is true that esports showed an increase in viewers ever since the pandemic started, but I don't think that trend will continue to grow once major sports resume their currently paused seasons. With...

Between snacks, consider video games to pass the time in quarantine

Image by Marko Deichman from Pixabay
May 3, 2020

Alas, the quest to fill the time between frequent trips to the refrigerator is over. Clean the Cheeto dust off those fingers, get comfy and grab a controller, because video games offer an exciting platform...

ESports provides a safer alternative to traditional sports

February 20, 2019

Competitive gaming, also known as eSports, taking over the entertainment industry is beneficial for individuals who are not physically capable to play certain sports. While physical sports can leave permanent...

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