Genie Lu , Staff Writer

The Stress Town workshop, May 16 at De Anza College’s Sunken Garden bustled with music, friendly dogs, and discussions of mental and physical health. Medical students, staff and volunteers ran the workshop.

Siew Kuek, a clinical psychologist with the Counseling Center, provided multiple-choice worksheets to gauge anxiety or depression. The exercise was self-scored to avoid possible discomfort.

Diversity events coordinator McTate Stroman was at the drum circle, where students played with Latin American and African drums.

“They’re using up a lot of mental energy during their class periods; here, they don’t have to think — it’s more instinctive to play the drum,” Stroman said.

Furry Friends Pet Assisted Therapy Services brought seven dogs for petting. The dogs ranged in size and breed — from Honey, a Terrier mix to Dallas, a ninety-pound Golden Retriever.

Lilian Dang, 18, nursing major, said learned to manage her time better and eat more balanced meals.

“I’d love to have it every year,” she said.

Song Youn, 18, chemistry major, was less enthusiastic. Like other psychology, medical and even some English students, he came for extra credit.

“Maybe it’s helpful, but it’s kind of clumsy for me… I mean, they’re good, but not really experts,” Youn said.

For those who don’t know, here are some quick facts: ideal blood pressure is below 120/80, having a friend you can talk to is good and sleeping in cool, quiet, dark and comfortable place is best.