Opinion: Give athletes a voice and bring back Coach Mattis


Photo Courtesy of Brianna Nunn

The track and field team and coaches at a meet on May 1.

Abel Tariku

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to provide information about the censored video’s deletion.

The following video is an opinion-based commentary regarding the absence of Nick Mattis, the head coach of De Anza’s track and field team, who was placed on administrative paid leave for yet undisclosed reasons. La Voz reporter Abel Tariku addresses Athletics Dean Eric Mendoza and Athletics Director Ron Hannon, criticizing their lack of communication with the team throughout the track and field season. This video also covers the censoring of students who spoke out about Mattis’ absence during the Student Athlete Awards Ceremony on June 15. The censored video has since been deleted off of the De Anza College Athletics website. According to Mendoza, the video is being edited for the pre-show portion, and adding graphics and logos.