De Anza Dons women’s basketbal win in a rout

Adam Del Rio, Staff Writer

The De Anza women’s basketball team was able to overcome Monterey Peninsula College on Jan. 30, with a 70-50 conference game win.

Score after score, it was almost as if the two teams were taking turns making baskets in a deadlocked first half. By halftime, the Dons led the game by only two points.

The team pulled itself up and worked harder in the second half. Their dexterity granted the Dons a constant lead over Lobos that they held onto till the end.

Monterey had some quick players, but De Anza shut them down in the second half and scored on those stops.

“We had a really good team tonight,” Hankins said. “Honestly, it was the defense.”

The Dons’ defense was one of their weak points in the beginning of the season, but coach Hankins said that its “really coming along.”

Coach Hankins has built a solid team in her first year thanks to her standout players.

Point guards Melissa Cabrera and Lauren Lete played the same position, but their approaches were very different during Friday’s game.

Lete charged through Monterey’s defense and demanded attention, but Cabrera’s careful and strategic offensive approach earned her the spotlight in this game.

Monterey was unable to get a read on Cabrera. She came out of nowhere and scored countless points throughout the game.

The sophomore player is continually working on her defense, along with the rest of the team.

“I want to be the best in the conference,” Cabrera said. “To come out and actually shock everybody.”

The team as a whole is growing stronger in order to come out on top in the conference.

Sophomore forward Madison Michelis successfully read the defense and helped direct the Dons to victory.

“At this point, every game is a hurdle to get over and win the conference,” Michelis said. “We have to win from here on out.”

If the team’s offense and defense collectively improve, a conference win seems inevitable for the Dons.

“If we don’t win conference, we definitely want to get in the playoffs,” Hankins said “I’m just hopeful that we keep this going.”

The next De Anza women’s basketball home game is Wednesday, Feb. 11, 5p.m. against Foothill College.