Unique P.E. classes to sign up for this winter quarter

Krystal Alvarado, Staff Writer

Most adults entering college would think the grueling days of physical education are over once they get out of high school, but unfortunately they’re not. In order to get an A.A. or A.S. degree or transfer to other colleges, a physical education unit may be required. De Anza college offers many different physical education classes and students get to choose which class they want to take.

A couple of unique classes offered at De Anza are karate and badminton.

In the karate class students will learn Japanese Shotokan karate techniques for use in class as well as in the real world. The self-defense and goal orientation taught in the course can also be highly beneficial to students. There are rankings in karate and the focus and goal orientation taught in the course can be applied to college life.

Badminton is a competitive sport that is similar to tennis, but is played with a smaller racket and a shuttlecock instead of a ball. Like many other sports, badminton involves constant movement, coordination, and concentration. There are badminton tournaments if you decide to stay with the sport once the class is over.

Both classes start off with a beginner’s class, so those who have an interest in either can feel a sense of relief knowing that other students will also be beginners. If you aren’t the type to take a basketball, yoga, or swimming class try out one of these classes to fulfill your required GE unit. It can be a new and fun way to get through this winter quarter.

More information about these classes can be found at www.deanza.edu. Classes are still available to add and the last day to add is Jan. 18.