De Anza college’s Baseball Brothers: Rey Gallegos


Rey Gallegos

Sport: Baseball

Position: Short Stop

Age: 23

Height: 5’11

Weight: 185


– Boston Red Sox

– Dallas Cowboys


– Baseball

– Dancing (Hip-Hop, Lyrical Hip-Hop)

Favorite Movie:

– Rounders

Greatest Accomplishments:

– Returning back to baseball and doing well after a 2-year hiatus

Patricia Nguyen, Staff Writer

What got you guys into playing baseball?

We’ve been playing baseball since we were four. But this would be the first year that I get to play on a team with my little brother. Before I would play a couple years ahead of him so this has been a really great experience.

Would you say that you both look up to each other?

I would say most definitely. Physically, I have to look up to him. But we always watch each other and try to better ourselves by helping each other out.

How would you describe your relationship with Chris?

We kind of balance each other out. I’m pretty outgoing and Chris is a little more quiet. So our relationship is kind of ying yang. We’re opposites but we work really well together.

What’s your favorite memory of or with Chris?

My best memory would be playing my first full season with him this year at De Anza.

What are some challenges you’ve had to face / overcome playing baseball?

For me personally, it was my social life. Trying to find the energy of sacrificing my social life with my friends for a whole season of baseball. I had to be okay with not seeing or talking with them for months. In order to try and accomplish what I had set out to do in this sport.

How would you describe Rey and Chris Gallegos as athletes?

“I have happy feelings when they are required to do something on the field whether it be offensively or defensively because I know they can get it done,” said fellow teammate Joe Slate.