Find stress relief during finals through music

Shiri Marwaha, Staff Reporter

Instrumental music in the background helps you study better and increases productivity, especially with finals around the corner.

Studying in silence is too eerie but at the same time catchy lyrics are too distracting, and the last thing you want is crucial studying hours lost. This is why jazz and classical instrumental music are the best genres for studying.

According to research supporting this claim jazz or classical instrumental music can help you concentrate and inspire you to do better while keeping unwanted noises and distractions at bay.

“One British study claims listening to Mozart for 10 minutes produced a ‘Mozart effect’ where test-takers’ IQ scores went up eight or nine points.” according to a SeattlePi article.

I do enjoy various genres of music and it varies according to the chore at hand. Upbeat loud music helps me exercise or drive better, but the catchy lyrics and upbeat music turns into a distraction when I need to concentrate on studies.

Classical or instrumental music with their soothing chords crates a peaceful, calm and Zen-like ambiance akin to meditation which helps in keeping stress under check.

According to studylib, 87 percent of teenagers listen to music while studying, so why not listen to something which is beneficial? “Students often feel overwhelmed when it comes time to sit down and memorize, so listening to a soothing tune can often aid in relieving those feelings of tension,” according to an article by the Odyssey Online.

YouTube has made it easier and cost-free to find this genre of music under “music to study,” offering many options from jazz to classical instrumental. Try it out at least once and you will be pleasantly surprised that it isn’t as boring as perceived to be. Coupled with its benefits of increased concentration, better efficiency and providing a sense of calm it is a treasure find.