Screen time trackers help manage device usage

Tyson Tsoi, Staff Reporter

Tracking how much time you spend on your phone or tablet might be the right step in decreasing our dependence on technology, and apps like Screen Time, available for both Android and iOS, can help monitor our device use and resolve this growing issue while also disciplining us to prioritize other tasks.

This app tracks down phone usage and how much time a person spends looking at their phones. Parents can utilize this to set time limits and schedules for children who use their tablets or phones excessively.

This proves highly useful especially for the next generation growing up facing screens.

For instance, the younger generation would be more likely to spend countless of hours using technology, and not spending enough time in the real world.

Having them enjoy an activity outside that requires peers of others may give them a reason to avoid using technology.

As for adults, we tend to use technology on a daily basis, but using multiple devices doesn’t mean we are “dependent” on them.

Regardless, adults still need to spend time away from staring at screens and devote time to reading or spending more time with family and friends.

Apart from Screen Time however, one way of also decreasing dependency is disciplining oneself to put down a phone, tablet or a laptop.

Screen Time and other similar apps only help to monitor time but to actual put down devices is entirely up to the user.

Using Screen Time helps yourself monitor how much time you should step away from your device(s) and prioritize what needs to be done but as technology continues to grow and evolve, it is highly likely that people will look to screens more and more.