Celebrities are entitled to voice politics opinions

Shiri Marwaha, Staff Reporter

Celebrities are just regular citizens and are entitled to voice their political opinions, albeit with responsibility.

Political speeches by celebrities and involving themselves in social causes has escalated in the past few years, and now Taylor Swift jumping on this band wagon has brought up the debate of credibility.

It is beneficial when celebrities voice their opinion since it reaches out to thousands of ardent fans. As a result, it is foolish and selfish of celebrities to take the impact of their actions lightly.

Helena Duffant, 18, physics major says, “It is good when celebrities get involved in politics since it has greater impact on society.”

Taylor Swift recently endorsed democratic candidate Phil Bredesen and Jim Cooper for House of representatives in Tennessee on her Instagram and has sparked debate about the role of celebrities in politics.

Swift, a native of Tennessee, has always refrained from politics in recent years until now. Days after her post, there were reports of a sudden surge of votership in Tennessee, pointing to how celebrities greatly influence the majority.

Now this move seems out of the blue for some citizens while some others find it refreshing and welcome it.

Although I agree with the majority opinion, unfortunately it doesn’t always work out well, as we can see the havoc Donald Trump is creating in the country.

Even before his rise to politics, Trump was a successful celebrity who only used his influence to win over the people who supported him even from his time in “The Apprentice”. As someone who is as erratic in his tweets, his opinions can surely damage the country and also separate the masses.

As citizens of this country, subject to the same laws as us, celebrities have every right to express their own opinion and when done responsibly, it could lead to a positive and even lasting influence on society.