Opinion: Kanye’s short albums are the future

Mike Nijmeh, Staff Reporter

Short albums like Kanye West’s 2018 releases are the future of the music industry.

With technology ever evolving, music has become more accessible and instantaneous than ever. The growth of apps such as Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and others make it easy to listen to any song instead of buying music.

Over 100 million people now pay for music streaming according to Business.com.

To cater to this new demographic of listeners, some artists create long albums to rack up streams, but Kanye West’s work on  “DAYTONA,” “Ye,” and “KIDS SEE GHOSTS” prove that short albums are better than long ones.

‘DAYTONA,’ ‘Ye,’ and ‘KIDS SEE GHOSTS’ prove that short albums are better than long ones.

Even before the streaming services became available, albums tended to be pretty long.

According to the Medium.com, the average length of an album today is about 45-60 minutes, about three times more than the average short album. Kanye West’s 2018 albums are only 24 minutes long on average.

More time consuming albums are difficult to listen to from start to finish, making shorter albums very appealing. I have already listened to Kanye and Pusha T’s  “DAYTONA” multiple times, while I haven’t even gotten through Chris Brown’s “Heartbreak on a Full Moon,” which is 45 songs long.

Short albums tend have more quilty songs, since long albums tend to have at least a few filler tracks. Artists tend to make some hit songs in an album, while others just to hit a quota for the album. Recent albums from modern rappers like Future and Migos feature many songs that sound similar.

In Kanye’s shorter albums, every song is special. Kanye and Pusha’s  “DAYTONA” showcases this perfectly. All of Kanye West’s beats on this album are unique.

As technology grows and evolves, so does the music. Some artists try to account for these changes by making longer albums, but this is not ideal. Short albums like Kanye West’s are the future of the music industry.