Coffee With a Cop Event- Communication with Police Officers About Safety


Arvin Joshua Gatus

Students interacting with campus officers

Arvin Joshua Gatus, Staff Reporter

The De Anza College Coffee With a Cop event provided conversation between campus police, students and faculty about safety tips and techniques to practice on campus.

Campus police said actions that students can do, such as being aware of what’s going on, reporting and keeping an eye out for anything suspicious keep the campus safe.

Foothill-De Anza Chief of Police Daniel Acosta said the purpose of the event is to “build relationships with the community and to get to know the officers”.

“Just keep a close eye out. Be aware and if you anything suspicious on campus, report,” said Mark Pagudan, 19, photography major.

FHDA police officer Jim Thurber said the college also hosts run, hide and defend classes every quarter.

Thurber said that the police encourage students and faculty to attend frequently in order to better prepare the community and provide safety techniques.

“If you see something, say something,” said Yasmin Karrasch, FHDA police officer. “It’s better to report something than just thinking it’s not going anything.”

FHDA police officer Jeffery Rickets said that campus police are working with administration to enforce laws and not violate them.

”“I think the FHDA police do a lot of patrolling so they can keep an eye on the campus,” Mohammed Zaza, 18, biomedical engineering, said. “One way students can help is to report anything suspicious and not hesitate.”