Prayer, meditation room to open in Hinson center

Alena Naiden

A new meditation room is scheduled to open on Nov.17 located in Meeting Room One on the upper level of Hinson Campus Center.

All students will be welcomed whether they want to practice religious prayer or secular meditation.

The room will be closed for only four days a year when other programs will use the space for their purposes.

DASB senators are working on the project. They are planning to decorate the meditation room with a water fountain, art, plants, shoe racks and soft bamboo rugs on the floor.

Students can contribute to creating the space by donating any of these things or anything else they feel is fitting.

De Anza College students will be the curators of the art placed in the room.

Winner of the Student Art Contest hosted by the Euphrat Museum of Art, will transfer their small design pieces to large canvases.

The large canvases will hang from ropes and stretched on stretch canvases with frames.

DASB senators also approved rules for the meditation room such as no speaking or eating inside.

“It just amazed me that there wasn’t an area specifically for them, not just for praying whether you are Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or whatever, just a place where people — yes, pray, — but also just meditate,” said Julia Malakiman, DASB president.

Malakiman came up with the idea of creating the meditation room when she witnessed people praying next to ping-pong tables. She noticed the individuals praying had to deal with balls bouncing into their space.

“Find a relaxing place where there isn’t so much chaos around them,” Malakiman said. “Just them themself, finding peace.”

On Oct. 13, the campus center advisory board approved opening the meditation room.