Measure C bond program funds $6.2 million library renovations

Nang Hlaing, Staff Writer

De Anza College’s library closed for renovations Aug. 7 and is expected to reopen until
July 2015.

During the closure, all library services will be temporary relocated to the Learning Center West on the second floor. The entrance to the LCW is behind the Library. Enter through the west side of the building and look for the stairs or the elevator.

The construction budget is
$6.2 million.

This upgrade is funded through the Measure C bond program. According to the De Anza College Library website, a $491 million bond was approved by local voters in 2006 for construction, equipment and technology in the FHDA District.

The bond is solely for the purpose to enhance the school infrastructure to keep up with technological changes.

At De Anza the Measure C bond program has funded the creation of the Advanced Technology Center, the Media Learning Center and the corporation yard. As well, the program has funded renovations of the stadium
and track.

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