Photo Essay: Four sights to visit not far from De Anza College


Connor Blum

A rainbow shines over the beautiful cliffs and ocean at Point Lobos, CA on Feb. 4.

Connor Blum, Staff Reporter

The Bay Area is filled with plenty of things to do and a favorite for many is getting outside. De Anza College is conveniently located to see all these sights. These are some of the best places to spend your Saturday!

Point Lobos Natural Reserve

One of the hundreds of natural reserves in California, Point Lobos is a little over an hour from De Anza’s campus. Although it will take some time to get there, it is definitely worth the drive as it offers amazing coastal views along with forested hikes. 

There are plenty of trails to walk – offering visitors the choice to stay on the coast, go into the forest or enjoy both.

Mount Umunhum

Just over half an hour from campus is Mount Umunhum. It is a retired radar station that the United States Air Force used between 1947 and 1967. The base was built when tensions were rising between the U.S.and Soviet Union during the Cold War. 

Mount Umunhum is one of the highest peaks in the Santa Cruz mountain range. It offers amazing views of the entire Bay Area, and on clear days, it is possible to see the Bay Bridge.


About an hour from campus and only 10 minutes from Santa Cruz, Davenport offers visitors spectacular views with little crowding. This is an excellent alternative to Santa Cruz, where it often gets crowded in the summer and makes it hard to enjoy.

Even during the summer, these beaches are significantly less busy. There are four main beaches in Davenport:Scott Creek Beach, Davenport Landing Beach, Shark Fin Cove and Davenport Beach. 

The two best beaches are Shark Fin Cove and Davenport Beach because they offer the best views out of the rest.

Castle Rock State Park

Castle Rock State Park is a hidden gem in the Santa Cruz Mountains. To get there, drive Highway 9 through Saratoga on the twisty, windy roads shadowed under big tree canopies. 

Upon arriving at the park, there are many miles of trails to explore. The most popular sights to see are Castle Rock, which is what it sounds like, and Castle Rock Falls. 

This is a great place to visit with it being a mere 25 minutes away from campus.