De Anza students and staff reflect on Trump’s final days

Mathew Bejarano, Staff Reporter

As Donald Trump’s presidency comes to an end, De Anza College students and staff reflect on his norm-breaking term.

Braden Micik, a 19-year-old environmental science major, said that Trump’s actions brought out the worst in Americans.

“All the racist bigots coming out of the woodworks and causing a lot of trouble is the worst thing that has come out of this presidency,” he said. “We’ve had all these horrible events, like the [riot] in Charlottesville and then obviously the riot in the Capitol.”

DeAndre Stephan, a 20-year-old marketing major, said Trump has also deepened division between Republicans and Democrats

“What I feel like I’ve seen for the last four years is a constant back-and-forth between the parties with very little progress,” Stephan said. “It really closes the table for discussion and I don’t see how we’re going to get anything done.”

Despite student dissatisfaction and his electoral loss, Trump continues to influence a large voter population. Robert Ovetz, political science professor, said that Trump is using this following to set himself up to run for president in 2024. 

“He’s able to direct the attention of the many Americans who are economically deprived and dissatisfied with our system and direct their attention towards the politics of scapegoating,” Ovetz said. “Which draws very heavily from the technologies and approaches of fascism.” 

As Trump leaves with a pending impeachment trial, he must be acquitted to run in 2024. The trial will happen during the term of President-elect Joe Biden, who will be inaugurated on Jan. 20.