De Anza College students unworried about winter registration, despite less class offerings



De Anza College students said they are not worried about registering for winter quarter, despite limited class sections.

Athyna Palafox, Staff Reporter

Winter quarter is approaching, which means that it’s time for De Anza College students to consider classes yet again. 

On Nov. 16, registration for winter classes will open. The process will be the same as before the pandemic, though some classes will be unavailable due to the inability to meet in person and there will be less sections overall.  

“I deal with applying the same way I always would this quarter,” said Lauren Latterell, 27, a film and production major. “I checkout classes the day they are available to view and double check the day I am able to register.”

As students sign up for classes, they will be met with limited class schedules. 

Angelica Doctolero, 22, had two three hour classes back-to-back this fall, which she said she hopes to avoid in the winter.

“Getting into classes hasn’t been too difficult, per usual,” said Doctolero, also a film and production major. “Each quarter varies, but hopefully next quarter’s classes that I pick will go better.” 

World studies major Jose Agredano, 19, also said that winter registration has not been too difficult. 

“I feel things aren’t looking bad for me this quarter,” Agredano said. “I’ve been checking off a list of classes that my counselor sent me. That’s how I apply.”

Since Zoom classes are not scheduled like in-person classes, it can be difficult. As a solution, many students apply and attend the first day, deciding later whether to keep or drop the class.

The first day of winter quarter is Jan. 4.