De Anza offers first health screening fair for students

Aliya Nupbay, Staff Reporter

As the Flu Seasons reaches its peak, De Anza College’s Student Health Services will hold its first-ever “Health Screening Fair” on Feb. 12.

The fair will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in conference rooms A and B and will provide students with services like health screenings, blood pressure checks, fingerstick glucose testing, TB risk assessment information and flu shots.

Milad Abo Kaas, 35, medicine major is considering attending the fair.

“I believe it’s a good idea to have such events, kind of regularly, at least a couple of times a year.”

Students will have a chance to ask health-related questions and learn more about living a healthy lifestyle, all while getting preventative care for free.

Quang Man Le, 19, biology science major, said that through the fair, he could learn many things about hygiene and flu shots to help him with his major.

“I think it’s a great idea, shows that the school is actually thinking about the students,” he said. “Back in Vietnam we didn’t have this, so to me, I think it’s a good thing”.

The fair is a collaboration between Student Health Services, the Medic Health Technologies program, the Student Nursing Organization, and Santa Clara County Health.

Despite the Health Screening Fair offering free services, not everyone is willing to go to the event.

Jessica Oliva, 25, sociology major, said that she will probably skip the fair; it is not something she is interested in.

“I could do that with my health practitioner and it’s just a comfort thing for me,” she said.

The Health Screening Fair will encourage students to discuss common health concerns as well as promote an overall healthier college community.

The fair’s aim is to encourage students to discuss common health concerns and to promote a healthier environment on campus.

“Some students don’t have medical insurance, so it’s good to check up your health, at least to have the flu shots,” said Kaas.