Photography: De Anza artist seeks meaningful works


Lianna Martinez

The photograph featured in Matt Crick’s work “My Street” portrays a displays house in his neighborhood.

Lianna Martinez, Staff Reporter

As a child he wanted nothing but to feel free in his own creativity.

Matt Crick, 28, photography and digital media major, was a child who needed a  way to express himself.

Growing up in a rough Milpitas home and being diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar disorder, it  wasn’t easy for Crick as a child to express himself.

“My parents just thought I was stupid. I was always getting into problems at school, but art was always a medium,” said Crick that let him be himself.

“I took pictures of anything, including toys and childish things,” which later lead to an interest in photography, he said.

“I actually failed my first photography class here, but was encouraged and mentored by my instructor Diane Pierce,” Crick said.

“She was just so supportive and she really taught me to think creatively,” said Crick.

Crick said art comes from within, and he doesn’t have any genres to his style as it could confine creativity.

“When you compare yourself to artists, you then start making parallels. I like to do my own thing and realize others have the same style as me,” he said.

Crick was one of seven Juror Award winners for his B&W photo, “My Street” which displays dark set imagery of houses on his street.

In the future, Crick plans on actively participating in more art galleries and museums and wants to encourage new photographers

“This world needs more meaningful artists. Anyone can just take a picture and post it on Instagram, but is that really art?” said Crick. “There is a place for instant art, but is it really something you can be in-depth at and spend time with?”