No attendees for event for those interested in international careers

Shiri Marwaha, Staff Reporter

“A Life of a Diplomat: Dorothy Ngutter” was arranged at De Anza College to encourage students to pursue international careers, unfortunately there was no audience turnout.

Ngutter’s intention for the event was to offer guidance students looking into international careers. She also wanted to, inform students about the opportunities available to them, such as internships, scholarships and study abroad opportunities

“You don’t wake one day and become and ambassador or diplomat of many years, have some building blocks of experience over time,” Ngutter said.

Addressing the audience turnout, she laughed and said it could be because of the holidays or college applications. Hayley Daudson, program coordinator with ISP said she plans to publicize such speeches so domestic students can enjoy global opportunities too and not just international students.

State department provides internships to students who also have an option to take these courses virtually. They can choose between humanitarian or business focus, with or without government, policy or an advocacy stand point that determines what type of work they do. Students aspiring for international careers, she says, need to start early and not wait until it’s too late to apply.

The speech was held in the Henson Center on Nov. 13 and was organized by the International Student Program.