‘Overwatch 2’ offers fresh team play experience

Screenshot of author Zhang Xiaoyans gameplay in Overwatch 2 as hero Ashe.

Zhang Xiaoyan

Screenshot of author Zhang Xiaoyan’s gameplay in “Overwatch 2” as hero Ashe.

Zhang Xiaoyan

“Overwatch 2” is a first-person multiplayer shooter video game released by Blizzard Entertainment on Oct. 5 that offers a fresh take on the original 2016 “Overwatch.”

Both games are set in a futuristic fictionalized Earth, and tell a unique story of human beings with “Overwatch” heroes and intelligent machinery through various online game modes.

This time around, “Overwatch 2” is available to download for free on consoles and PCs, unlike “Overwatch,” which could only be played with a large purchase on either platform. As a result, many more players have been able to enjoy “Overwatch 2.”

In fact, this sequel quickly proved to be popular despite six years having gone by since the first game. According to Overwatch’s Twitter account, within the first 10 days of release, “Overwatch 2” had racked up 25 million players.

Blizzard has reworked the character settings and skills of some heroes to make them more fitted for a player’s gaming experience and heroes’ individual roles within the team. Consequently, heroes in “Overwatch 2” feel new despite many being from the original game.

Though still somewhat similar to the first game, new heroes and new maps with “Player Versus Environment” modes, such as “5V5” and “PUSH,” were added, allowing players both new and familiar to the franchise to enjoy an updated version of the game. 

“Overwatch” only has “Player Versus Player,” or “PVP” mode. In “Overwatch 2” there is a new game mode: “Player Versus Environment,” or “PVE.” There are hero talents and in-game items pre-selected in the PVE mode, as well as a story set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that four players can play together. With the game’s different hero missions in “PVE,” it is more replayable than repetitive work in a normal game.

Another fresh aspect to the game is the “PVP” mode being Five Versus Five” — meaning a team of five players are placed against another five-player team. Originally, it was “Six Versus Six” where there were two tank-type characters in the team. here is now only one tank-type hero allowed in each team. The system changing from “6V6” to “5V5” is a benefit, as it reduces waiting times, speeds up the pace of play, and improves the viewing of the match by removing a tank position. 

Players can also play new types of game modes, such as “PUSH” mode. In this mode, two teams fight for control of the robot in the center of a symmetrical map – with each team residing on one side of the map – and push the robot toward the other side’s base. The pace of battle is very fast. The team whose base is farther away from the robot wins. This makes for an exciting experience.

In addition to the new game modes, four new maps have been added to the game.

“Overwatch 2” is an awesome new game to try for those who enjoy competition and teamwork. New changes to the game with heroes, game modes and maps makes for an enjoyable yet competitive experience for any skill level. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars