Top five underrated binge worthy animes

Michael Davis, Reporter

There are plenty of anime that everyone knows and loves. But there are many more that people have no idea even exist and are not given due credit. Here are five underrated gems that are worth a look.

  1. “Jitsu wa Watashi wa” or “My Monster Secret”, 2015
“Jitsu wa Watashi wa”

This 13-episode supernatural romantic comedy follows Asahi Kuromine who discovers his crush, Youko Shiragami, is a vampire. Asahi promises to keep her secret so she can continue to go to school, commencing more supernatural encounters to occur.

This show in terms of plot is nothing too special, however the characters are what you stay for. The world is full of color and flare, having a touch of originality from other shows of its genre.

The characters are drawn with bigger smiles and more vibrant colors than what you would see from typical anime, adding a dash of originality. Not only that, but the character’s also have fantastic personalities that all blend into a small yet appealing comedy.

  1. “B-gata H-kei,” 2010
“B-Gata H-Kei”

Within this 12-episode romantic comedy, a girl named Yamada sets out to have intercourse with 100 men upon entering high school, her problem is she lacks experience with anything sexual. Enter Kosuda Takashi, a fellow virgin and her first target.

This might sound obscene, but it is much more than just about sex. “B-gata H-kei” explores in a comedic fashion the characters’ insecurities at an age where hormones are rampant and there is a huge desire to grow up quickly.

The show is relatable, an homage to the teenage experience of awkwardness and good for at least a peek.

  1. “Inferno Cop,” 2012
“Inferno Cop”

“Inferno Cop” is a 13-episode action comedy about a police officer with a flaming head and his endless fight to achieve justice for Jack Knife Edge Town.

There is not much in terms of a fluid plot, but if you are entertained by absurdity, this is a good pick. The whole show is more like a parody, where Inferno Cop himself is just a well-drawn still image, taking down crime in a most epic and hilarious display.

This show also comes from the animation studio, Trigger, the creators of notable shows like “Kill la Kill” and “Little Witch Academia,” making it a great watch for zany, low-brow humor.

  1. “Gugure! Kokkuri-san,” 2014
“Gugure! Korkkuri-san”

“Gugure! Kokkuri-san” is a 12-episode shounen comedy about Kohina Ichimatsu, a self-proclaimed doll, who calls upon a fox spirit, Kokkuri-san. At first, Kokkrui-san wishes to possess the body of Kohina, but instead takes care of her after seeing how incompetent she is living on her own.

Between the tech-illiterate Kokkuri-san, straight faced Kohina, or the wide array of characters with their own quirks and charms, there is never a dull moment. It even can be heartwarming at times, exploring the concept of finding family in the strangest of places.

  1. “Space Dandy,” 2014
“Space Dandy”

Critically acclaimed anime director Shinichiro Watanabe’s “Space Dandy” is a two season, of 13-episodes each, sci-fi comedy about Space Dandy, a bounty hunter who travels the stars along with his sidekicks, the cat alien Meow and a robot vacuum cleaner named QT.

Every episode is beautifully animated, and filled to the brim with plenty of intergalactic hijinks with the lovable odd-ball crew. This show is a must watch for any anime fan or just casual watcher.