How people are celebrating Pride Month during the pandemic through art

We Stand as Allies, graphic by Joy Seet

“We Stand as Allies,” graphic by Joy Seet

Roselle Lagmay, Reporter

The month of June will be different for the LGBTQ+ communities as cities across the nation have canceled their pride parades and celebrations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
This month commemorates the LGBTQ+ community, the pandemic is no reason for anyone to stop celebrating who they are and what they identify as.
Here are some ways people are celebrating Pride Month from home through their Arts and Crafts.
Erin Readinger, 20, graphic design major at Notre Dame College in South Euclid Ohio said, “I created this photo just to wish everyone a Happy Pride Month since there won’t be any Pride this year.”

Readinger created a photo in the Nintendo Switch game, Animal Crossing New Horizons showcasing her villagers sitting on a custom pride flag cushion.

Inspired by a friend, Erin made custom designs so that her Animal Crossing villagers can choose and wear whichever they identify as.
Creator ID: MA-2852-6827-1418

Readinger created custom-designed clothing in the game so that her Animal Crossing villagers can choose and wear whichever they identify as.
“I’m not really upset, because I still celebrate Pride every day,” said Readinger. “I literally have a rainbow tattoo on my wrist, I show my pride and I’m proud of who I am.”

Joy Seet, 23, graphic designer said she wanted her artwork to speak for itself.
“I created this graphic to communicate to others that we are all in this together,” said Seet. “I call this piece ‘We Stand as Allies.’”

Michelle Yang, 19, economics major said celebrating pride at home meant a lot to her and her family.
“My brother and I created these bracelets because he came out last month and I was so proud of him,” said Yang. “We were going to celebrate together by going to the music festival EDC and trading these bracelets away because it’s a culture and tradition ravers do, but unfortunately it was postponed.”

Pride themed bracelets made by Michelle Yang. (Michelle Yang)

Readinger also said that people should never be afraid to take pride in themselves.
“One thing I’d like to add is that just because pride gatherings were canceled this year doesn’t mean we’re being put on the back burner,” said Readinger. “We should still take pride in ourselves and who we are; never be afraid to show your true colors.”