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‘Resident Evil Two’ is the perfect haunting reinvention of a classic

'Resident Evil Two' is the perfect haunting reinvention of a classic
January 30, 2019

The world of the "Resident Evil" franchise is a horrendous zombie experience, but "Resident Evil Two" has pushed the boundaries of experience and reinvented the true definition of horror at its finest. “Resident...

“Battlefield V”: a beautiful, yet repetitive and confusing representation of World War II

November 28, 2018

The world of "Battlefield V" is a gorgeous and deadly view to behold, but the game’s lack of content and misrepresentation of war contribute to its repetitive and confusing nature for gamers altogether. "Battlefield...

“Fallout 76”: an insult to the open world genre

November 28, 2018

Despite its high praise and commercial popularity, "Fallout 76" is a bland and broken mess failing to meet its praise by supplementing it with awkward multiplayer gameplay and total emptiness within its...

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