Students rock out at Club Karaoke

Donovan Rios

From rockers to rappers, a colorful crowd of people attended the Club Karaoke event on Thursday Oct. 2 on the campus center patio stage. The event showcased each participant’s vocal talent on stage with songs ranging from ‘80s glam rock to old school hip-hop.

Anyone and everyone was encouraged to be a part of the Club Karaoke event and signing up was easy. Simply approach the deejay, write your name down, and the information of the song you wanted to sing. To provide more incentive to muster up the courage to perform, each singer had their name entered in a raffle.

Nineteen rising vocalists went up on stage during the course of the event, the first of which was Hakwoo Kim, 23, human development major.

After his stellar opening performance of “Piano Man” by Billy Joel, Hakwoo gave some insight how it felt to sing first in a situation most people don’t volunteer for.

He said he went up with the mindset of just having fun and keeping his nerves from getting the best of him. Hakwoo’s confidence showed as he owned his cover of “Piano Man”.

Crowd participation played a significant role in the Club Karaoke event. During popular song choices like “I Want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys and Queen’s “We Are the Champions”, those not on stage belted out the lyrics alongside the performers. The audience clapped along to the beat and hummed with the hooks.

Jerrold Thorsness, 19 , computer science major, described Club Karaoke as an entertaining experience. He said he was pleasantly surprised to hear those who did not seem like the “singing type” prove him wrong by singing their hearts out on stage.

If you were disappointed you missed out on a fun time or want to experience it again, be sure to mark your calendar for the next Club Karaoke event.