MLB opinion: New rules suck

Ryan Vermont

Welcome to the new era of America’s pastime

Major League Baseball created new rules intended to speed up the pace of each game starting this season.

While most people wouldn’t notice the significance of these rule changes, baseball players and fans alike are affected by the increased speed of the game.

The changes were declared by baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred, Major League Baseball Players Association executive director Tony Clark and John Schuerholz, chairman of MLB’s Pace of Game and Instant Replay Committees.

These big name guys with big name roles don’t seem to have any clue how the game is played.

Legends like Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron and Lou Gehrig were never told to move faster. If they wanted to step out of the batter’s box they could because there were solid reasons to do so; it’s not just for show.

Hitting a baseball thrown 90-100 miles per hour takes focus. Players step out of the box to gain their composure or think about what the pitcher is going to throw.

I haven’t played since little league, but even I know that baseball is a sport of consistency and superstition. Every player has his own tendencies and many are being disrupted by these new rules.

From a fans point of view, there’s nothing better than sitting in a ballpark with a beer in one hand, hot dog in the other, watching America’s pastime, not to mention being surrounded by the greenest grass in sports. I want to spend as long as I possibly can in the stadium.

The new rules don’t make me any more or less engaged, but I do wonder if the players are playing at their maximum potential. Honestly, I don’t think they are. These athletes have been playing with the same rules since they were children, and following those rules is what got them to the big leagues.

With the new pace of play rules in effect, I don’t think this generation of players can be 100 percent their best. The next generation of players who have played with the increased pace will eventually be the stars of the game.