Badmitton: Makes State Championship

Alena Naiden, Staff Writer

The De Anza College women’s badminton team is headed for its third consecutive trip to the State Championship after its 13-8 victory over Fresno on April 23.

After a tie in the first singles session, the game became louder and more intense. Players who finished their matches joined small but supportive groups of fans, screaming with each nice shot and encouraging players for the rest of time.

Defeating Fresno 7-4 in the first doubles and 11-6 in the second singles made the win obvious, and the De Anza team and fans relaxed. The head coach said he was relieved, and the player Aileen Ngo said she felt it was “the weight off the shoulders.”

“They want to be back there,” said head coach Mark Landefeld.

Landefeld explained that even though De Anza had to deal with injuries he was impressed. The, “girls fought very hard, and just having the courage to push on through this match was really important.”

Badminton player Alice Liu, 20, cognitive science major, said that cheering helped to keep the spirit of the team.

Ngo noted that, the team has a lot of newcomers, some of whom have never played badminton before, but even though the team is not as strong as it was the two past years, they continued to play at the same high level as the previous years.

“It’s kind of unfortunate that the success of the last two years casts such a shadow,” Landefeld said. He called the present season outstanding and said Liu and Megan Hsiao, 18, psychology major, are “probably, one of the top two doubles team in the demands of online gaming.

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During the Thursday game, one of the newcomers, Julia Malakiman, DASB president, played this season for the first time and played well Landefeld said.

“It’s really helpful to have somebody who has some quality experience as a double player,” he said.

The De Anza team members left the court with their heads held high, excited to come back in two weeks. The head coach said their possible opponents in the State Championship are Pasadena and San Diego College, which have really strong programs, and the De Anza team should need to play really well to win.

“We can be the second best team the rest of the year, but on the day of the final we will find the way to be the better team,” Landefeld said.