Thursday night football games endanger players2 min read

Kavin Mistry, Staff Writer

Thursday night football has been a part of the NFL season for some time now, allowing fans another day during the week to enjoy pro football.

Although the extra weeknight game might be good for fans, it can hurt teams because it gives players only three days to prepare for their upcoming opponent.

For players, because they are involved in such a physically demanding sport, fewer days off takes a toll on their bodies, even in a 16-game season.

Players are geared up to play once a week, and to make them play at such a high level twice a week will negatively impact the outcome of the game.

In the past couple of seasons, Thursday night matchups have been making fans upset as well because the league usually pits a powerhouse team against a team that can’t keep up.

People have jokingly said that Thursday Night Football is just a statistics game where players see how many points they can possibly score in one game.

The Thursday night games are unnecessary and are a free win for teams at the top of their divisions. Teams that lose, feel like they are at a disadvantage with the other teams in their division who have a whole week to prepare.

These games could make a difference in the standings at the end of the season and potentially cost a team a playoff spot.

The NFL should just stick to football on Sunday and Monday. Thursday night games are boring and not worth my time. The NFL has not achieved what it hoped for with football on another night.

There is no reason to have a game between two teams on short rest. Neither the fans nor the teams enjoy the games, but they stay on the schedule every week, every season.

With all this in mind, the NFL should make a change to get rid of Thursday Night Football games because regular season games are too important to just throw away.