De Anza falls 2-1 to Skyline

Cristian Munoz-Ayala, Staff Writer

The De Anza College women’s soccer team lost a hard fought game 2-1 against Skyline College on Tuesday Oct. 21.

Although the team lost its second game in a row, team captain and sophomore midfielder Madlyn Kelly said they look forward to practicing, getting the game behind them and turning things around

“I can encourage the girls,” Kelly said. “Just keep reassuring them that we can be better, keep it positive in practice and make them push themselves, and work hard.”

As the game started, both teams  played at a high tempo trying to get on the scoreboard first. Skyline was able to capitalize off a mistake and score on a chip to gain a 1-0 lead.

After the goal, Skyline kept attacking, but sophomore goalkeeper Alexia Flippen made an incredible one-on-one stop to deny Skyline a two-goal lead.

With the first half still going, Kelly took a shot from 25 yards out and hit the crossbar. The Dons followed with three more scoring chances in the 40th minute, but failed to capitalize on each one of the opportunities.

Skyline entered halftime with a 1-0 lead.

The Dons began the second half dominating the field. They were making the right choices, completing their passes, and creating more scoring chances.

From the leadership of Kelly and freshman forward Cassondra Polini, the team kept pushing and capitalized on a free-kick. Kelly took the free-kick and the ball bounced toward sophomore forward Alejandra Gutierrez and she was able to head the ball into the back of the net to tie the game 1-1.

The Dons kept the Skyline Trojans on their heels with the momentum they carried from the goal and home crowd. Kelly and Polini complimented each other well and created a scoring opportunity that would have put them on top.

Shortly after, Polini shot the ball and it hit the crossbar. The Dons had a lot more opportunities, but failed to score which hurt them in the end.

Skyline was able to score in the 70th minute and make the score 2-1.

Freshman defender Kelly Baxter was disappointed after the loss and felt like the team could have played a lot better.

“Coverage and just making sure we’re attacking the ball and being there first,” Baxter said, explaining areas of improvement.

Head coach Cheryl Owiesny said she is looking forward to turning the losing streak around. She wants to help the Dons’ stay in first place and make it to the playoffs.

“[We need to improve on] taking care of the ball when we have it and playing with intensity,” Owiesny said.

De Anza’s women’s soccer next home game is on Tuesday Oct. 28 at 4 p.m. against Foothill College.