Women’s Soccer Player Profile: #7 Victoria Ramirez

Marion Hohlfeld, Staff Writer

Victoria Ramirez: small girl with a big heart

Age: 18
Height: 4’11
Weight: 120
Major: Undecided (maybe Elementary Teaching)
Position: Center Forward/Center Midfield

Women’s Soccer freshman Victoria Ramirez might look tiny on the outside, but has a big heart inside, and quick feet on top of that. In a brief interview, the freshman foward told us how she got involved with soccer, what she loves to do outside of the sport and what her major plans for the future are:

When and how did you get started playing soccer?

When I was five my parents put me into a soccer league. Then I started playing some kind of club soccer when I was eight. I have always loved it.

What other sports interest you? What do you do outside of soccer?

In middle school I also played basketball and volleyball. I did cheerleading and played softball. Outside of soccer I just study, hang out with friends, and I play the piano and guitar. I love to read as well.

What motivates you on and off the field?

I think it can be described like the desire to not necessarily be successful, but just make people happy. I desire to work hard and prove myself to everyone including myself and everyone in my family. I have a really big heart for serving others. I went on a mission trip to Ecuador and I just love serving people. I guess that is my drive. I love kids, they are the reason I want to be a teacher.”

What are your plans for the future? Do they include soccer?

“Once I transfer, I do want to continue to play soccer at whatever school I go to. I am working on that now. After college, I want to go abroad and do serving trips in South America. Hopefully, I will get a job and be a teacher or social worker helping people.