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La Voz Staff

La Voz is making a change this quarter from a weekly print newspaper with a website, to a news website with a biweekly (every other week) print newspaper.

The change is to reflect real- world news organizations that publish news digitally first, and to better prepare journalism students for the workplace.

Wewilltrytobreakimportant De Anza news such as crime, elections and sports scores on Twitter and Facebook with more in-depth coverage on our website and in the print newspaper.

Wearechangingthenamefrom from La Voz Weekly to La Voz News.

La Voz has been a weekly publication since De Anza College was founded in 1967, with several exceptions during upheavals in the journalism program in the 1990s.

The first issue, on Sept. 11, 1967, was called “De Anza Vistas,” but by the second issue, the newspaper was renamed “La Voz de De Anza” (The Voice of De Anza). Other names used over the years, always including the words“La Voz.”

The founders of La Voz and De Anza College chose names toreflectCalifornia’shistory,not the college’s demographics at the time.

But today, nearly one quarter ofDeAnza’s20,000studentsare Latino,accordingtoWinter2015 enrollment statistics. More than 1,800 reported that they speak Spanish “proficiently.”

Student editors who run La Vozhavediscusseddiscarding “La Voz” from the publications name many times over the years. Readers overwhelmingly preferred “La Voz” in a 1998 survey.

The current group of editors also chose to stay with “La Voz” as a nod to history, and to add “News” to emphasize the newsworthiness of the content.