Indigenous Peoples’ Day should be observed by the district


Source: Pixabay

Maida Suta, Reporter

The Foothill-De Anza district should observe and commemorate Indigenous Peoples’ Day and honor the legacy of the Indigenous people in the United States.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day has been observed by cities, counties and districts across the nation as early as 1990, with occasional variations in name. The holiday has often been celebrated at the same time as Columbus Day to counter the glorification of colonialism and bring light to the horrors waged against America’s Indigenous people.

From racist caricaturizations and the sugarcoating of the atrocities that Indigenous peoples were victims of, America’s education is often incomplete and inaccurate. Even with a host of classes centered around Indigenous peoples’ history and culture at colleges, these opportunities are only optional.

Community members have already been exposed to appropriated and dissected parts of Indigenous cultures, such as dreamcatchers, so why not formally establish a time for people to actively learn about the diverse Indigenous cultures of the United States? Observing Indigenous Peoples’ Day will give our community the time and space to learn more.

Some may be concerned that such a holiday being implemented might only be to award the district brownie points for inclusion while not doing anything else to legitimately uplift and elevate Indigenous voices in the district.

The district admittedly could be doing much more for Indigenous people, especially as one of the most underrepresented and oftentimes smallest ethnic populations in the district. However, by implementing Indigenous Peoples’ Day, it will be one step in the right direction.

Observing Indigenous Peoples’ Day emphasizes that Indigenous people do have a place within the district. Hopefully with this, further events can be held at the colleges, elevating Indigenous voices, which have been held in the past.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a beautiful holiday that honors not only the indigenous peoples and cultures that live on, but the many people, cultures and languages that were unjustly stolen from them along the way.

The district should beat around the bush. Indigenous Peoples’ Day should be celebrated as an official district-wide holiday.