Take that one last class online

Saman Mashayekhi, Opinions Editor

Program allows students to fulfill degree from another college

In Fall 2019, California Community Colleges finally came up with a solution for students who are in need of one class to graduate and that class is not being offered at their home college.

This was a long awaited resolution that many students have been waiting for. Most of us have been through this with classes only being offered one quarter/semester a year or not being offered at all.

Well the pain of waiting is over. The California Virtual Campus Online Education Initiative is essentially an online campus that connects over 50 colleges in the state of California, so that students can cross-enroll and take a class without the need to reregister for that school.

With this system implemented, if you find yourself in urgent need of a class that is not being offered, you can just hop online and take the class through the online campus.

But make sure your own home college is not offering the class first, or else the system would not allow you to proceed.

You can search for that specific class in the system, and find a match within any of the 57 participating schools throughout California. You can take a class in USC, but finish it from the comfort of your home in the Bay Area while attending your regular classes at De Anza.

This is a great and necessary advancement in our education system. The online campus will open a new path for students to be able to graduate and move forward faster.

Another perk that this program has is that they do not charge a fee for cross-enrollment and registering you at the new school. This is a great step towards making school more affordable for students.

As great as this system is, there are still some concerns among faculty members that this system might push students to take more classes than they can handle. Consequently, due to the work overload, it will bring down their GPA.

To assure the faculty that this will not happen, California Community Colleges have limited the amount of classes that can be taken through California Virtual Campus-Online Education Initiative, so that students use it only for the classes that are missing at their homeschool.

This program is off to a great start, and students should take advantage of it. Hopefully, this program will bring more positive changes and advancements in the next few years.