Electronic music not forcing out traditional instruments

Ryan Vermont

With musical technology continuing to advance, music is not staying 100 percent natural. Styles, fads and trends continue to change and the sound of music is forced to adapt.

Synthetic music seems to be everywhere lately, but it’s not like it’s new.

Artists who use real musical instruments to produce sound should not feel threatened by the recent surge in popularity of synthetic music.

It takes time and dedication to be able to play and record with live instruments just like it takes time and talent to digitally produce music as well.

The making of music is not a competition. There are no rules saying that people aren’t allowed to like multiple kinds of music.

According to an interview in Rolling Stone Magazine, 48 shows after they broke out in the nineties, Daft Punk quit the road. When they started working on their newest album, “Random

Access Memories,” released in 2013, they realized that the world was crazed with a newer sound, the sound of electronic music.

They reinvented themselves, creating a mixture of electronic and pop, adapting to the world’s comfort zone.

Daft punk found an interesting and unique balance between the sound of live instruments and digitally produced sounds, and it led to great success.

As time goes on, more and more musicians will likely do the same thing. It’s about finding a balance between the two styles.

Something that has become a lot more common recently is collaborations between Independent musicians and electronic music producers who merge both of their sounds into one song.

A recent example is the collaboration between indie artists The Naked and Famous and the Kids of 88. Together they created the song “A Source of Light,” filled with a haunting piano sound and an interplay of male and female vocals. The song builds up with a catchy back-beat and pops of some bright synths.

Playing an instrument is a human tradition which isn’t going to go away because the same sounds can be made with the click of a button.

Electronic music will continue to influence the type of music that is being made. New ideas are going to continue to funnel through the music industry, and the future of music is wide open.