De Anza journalism students win awards at statewide conference


Teddy Ha

La Voz News placed and/or won in ten award categories at a journalism conference for college student media publications nationwide.

Cecilia Deck, Faculty Advisor

De Anza journalism students were awarded for their work on La Voz News in 2021, and for live contests held at a live college journalism conference in Long Beach from March 3-5.

Six De Anza students attended the Associated Collegiate Press/Journalism Association of Community Colleges conference, where they participated in workshops featuring professional journalists and competed in contests. The DASG helped fund the students’ attendance by paying for hotel rooms.

La Voz was awarded “General Excellence” for its website,, an award that is graded according to a specific list of criteria for student news sites.

Students came home with the following awards from the live contests conducted with tight deadlines:

  • Teddy Ha, social media editor: First place, Canva Infographics.
  • James Rahn, features editor: Second place, copy editing.
  • Kevin Nguyen, editor-in-chief: Honorable mention, sports writing, for his coverage of a live baseball game.

    The La Voz newsroom continued reporting and producing news throughout the pandemic. (Teddy Ha)

Nguyen also won four awards for his published work in La Voz News in 2021:

La Voz students also received the following awards for work published in 2021:

Also at the conference, De Anza journalism chair and adviser to La Voz News Cecilia Deck was awarded “California Journalism & Media Affiliates Journalism Educator of the Year,” which recognizes leadership and support that goes beyond the journalism program and has impact across campus, community and local or regional associations. The award is issued annually by California Journalism and Media Affiliates, which includes the California News Association, California College Media Association and the California Press Foundation.