DASB priority enrollment approved by Academic Senate


Abhiram Rishi Prattipati

Inside Registration and Student Services Building

Kassandra Zeledon, Staff Reporter

Priority enrollment for DASB senators has been approved by Academic Senate, following a request from De Anza Student Body senate representatives for senators to be placed in priority registration group two.

Members of the DASB Senate said receiving priority enrollment would help senators manage their responsibilities as members of student government, as well as recognize the amount of work that they do.

“We have a lot of obligations that we need to complete weekly and because we’re the only student representatives it is really important that their presence in the meetings,” said student trustee Genevieve Kolar. “Priority registration just helps us get in the classes that they need and allow them to fulfill our duties as student representatives.”

DASB president Shelly Michael also said that giving DASB senators priority enrollment would help the senators be more active within their responsibilities.

“Priority registration is essential for student representatives especially if we want our voices heard in shared governance committees,” she said.

Currently, priority enrollment group two consists of student athletes who have selected an educational plan and have declared a major. They receive priority enrollment due to the schedules that athletes have to adhere to, in attending practices and games.

Shonali Das, 19, biology major is currently in group three, and does not think it is fair for DASB senators to receive priority enrollment.

“I did everything I had to do to get somewhat priority registration so I don’t think it’s fair,” she said.

Other local community colleges give their student government members priority enrollment, including West Valley College and Mission College.

Academic Senate’s approval does not ensure that DASB senators will get priority enrollment because the request still has to pass through other administrative groups at De Anza. In addition, the request has to also be passed at Foothill College, to ensure district wide consistency.

The ASFC will look into priority enrollment for their senators in spring quarter 2020.